Why RhythmResults?
There are so many swing dance events every year, it is impossible to know about and attend them all. At these events there are often contests; showcase, strictly, team performances, solo dancing, Jack and Jill, Pro-AM etc. Unfortunately the websites of the events seldom publish the contest results. Some do of course, which is great, but often this is done a long time after the event.

RhythmResults makes it easy to find swing dance results from events and competitions around the world!

RhythmResults is a wiki, a website that allows the easy creation and editing of contest results from various events. Anyone in the swing dance community that knows a result can publish the result on RhythmResults (do a search before you add a result, to make sure it is not already on RhythmResults).

The intention of RhythmResults is to become the preferred source for swing dance results.

RhythmResults has no intention to become a website where videos are uploaded, there are plenty of those and one dominant (YouTube) which are doing a great job. Instead, at RhythmResults it is possible to embed a video from these video sites, a video displaying the winners or finalists of a specific contest. (To embed a video from the contest is not compulsory. Maybe there is no video available when the result is official. A video can be added (embedded) to a result later when a video is available on e.g. YouTube).

You are important
To fill RhythmResults with results from contests around the world, RhythmResults is dependent upon you. Please add the results you know.

RhythmResults is free
RhythmResults does not cost anything to use. It is (and will be) totally free.

If there is a problem with any of the results or any abuse of some kind on RhythmResults, please report the problem and do not forget to submit the RRID.